The Architecture Exchange runs largely off the steam of its collaborators and participants. Though we have been awarded partial, one-off funding from the Arts Council and support in kind from several parties, The Architecture Exchange relies on private – we would like to say independent, voluntary – donations in order to operate.

If you think that what we are doing is worthwhile, please consider showing your support by making a donation, however small, to ensure our survival.*

The Architecture Exchange gratefully acknowledges kind support from:
– The Arts Council of England
– The Architectural Association, London
– The Swedenborg Society, London

Private donors:
Tony Fretton, Charles Jencks, your name here (or remain anonymous)



If you are willing to donate your time, we can definitely use your help. The Architecture Exchange can always use help with many organisational, administrative and editorial tasks: ranging from audio transcription to video-editing, organising reading groups and workshops, writing grant applications or helping to cook dinner for our participants! Whatever you’ve got going on and wherever you are, we can use your skills and spare time to continue our ambitious and exciting programming.
Currently we cannot offer financial remuneration, although we hope to do so in the future. However we can happily give you accreditation and copies of our exclusive publications, labour exchanges, and other negotiable terms. Please get in touch at [email protected]

*All donations are taken securely through Paypal to an account held by The Architecture Exchange; there are no third parties nor any chance of funds going astray.