Series #1

Series #1: Is there an Object Oriented Architecture? May/June 2013

Architecture on Harman, Harman on Architecture
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Philosopher Graham Harman’s radical reading of Heidegger is discussed by six eminent architectural thinkers. Harman is joined by

Peter Carl
Jonathan Hale
Lorens Holm
Patrick Lynch
Peg Rawes
Adam Sharr

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—7:00pm, Wednesday 1 May 2013
Peg Rawes, Nonhuman Architectural Ecologies
Patrick Lynch, The Resistance of Things

—7:00pm, Wednesday 15 May 2013
Jonathan Hale, Coping without noticing?: Buildings as Tool-Beings
Adam Sharr, A House With One Wall

—7:00pm, Wednesday 29 May 2013
Lorens Holm, Architecture and Its Objects
Peter Carl, A Punkt in Spice

—5.30pm, Saturday 22 June 2013
Graham Harman, What Objects Mean for Architecture
+ debate with Peg Rawes, Patrick Lynch, Jonathan Hale, Adam Sharr
Lorens Holm and Peter Carl

The Swendenborg Society
20–21 Bloomsbury Way
London WC1A 2TH