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Series #2: How is Architecture Political?
Reinhold Martin – Polis = Oikos Ines Weizman – The Paradox of Dissidence Pier Vittorio Aureli – Can Architecture be Political?
Sarah Whiting – The Projective, Judgment & Legibility Chantal Mouffe – How is Architecture Political? Roundtable: Mouffe, Aureli, Martin, Weizman & Whiting

Series #1: Is there an Object Oriented Architecture?
Peg Rawes – Nonhuman Architectural Ecologies Patrick Lynch – The Resistance of Things Jonathan Hale – Coping without noticing?
Adam Sharr – A House with One Wall Lorens Holm – Architecture and its Objects Peter Carl – A Punkt in Spice

Graham Harman – What Objects Mean for Architecture Debate: Graham Harman and Architecture